Mission and Vision


The mission of Aluminij d.d. Mostar, as a top producer of primary aluminium, is to stay at the very top of the world in terms of quality of the development and production of green and baked anodes and primary aluminium and aluminium products (slabs, billets, small ingots and wire) made from pure aluminium and aluminium alloys, that are sought by reputable buyers from all continents.

 Our mission is to remain the driving force of the overall region, and to constantly prove ourselves as the most distinguished producer and one of the healthiest organizations in the South-eastern Europe, with the best achieved ratio of the offered quality and the obtained values.

Aluminij, which has already stepped into the values and reality of the European Union by adopting the work and life philosophy of the developed Western European civilization, achieves its mission through constant modernization and upgrading of the production systems and the use of modern technologies. We always satisfy the prestigious European and global terms of quality, safety of employees and human environment, and we improve our world famous image of the socially responsible company that meets the needs and expectations of the market, our community, employees and shareholders.


The vision of the Herzegovinian giant is to develop its well-deserved role of the bearer of economic, but also the overall development, both in the field of its scope of work, and in terms of a constructive factor of the overall development of the community.

Our vision is to reduce the national exports of raw materials and the development of the domestic market by opening of processing plants, which leads to the development of manufacturing industries and new employments that ensure the safety and well-being. The Aluminij`s unbeatable advantage is in owning the top quality raw material that can be placed into processing with a complete lack of transportation.

Aluminij will continue to be an instigator of education of the young ones, and the creator of new ideas and modern solutions, a driving force and a bearer of development, but it also wants to be respected by the authorities in terms of incentives and projects, its vision of economic future and the future in general.