News magazine of the European Parliament: Aluminij is a bright spot of BiH in 2016

Aluminij Mostar

The Aluminij`s business stand-out  from the end of the last year  was recognized by the  European Parliament as the stand-out of BiH in direction of breaking down economic barriers within the state.

Namely, a regular monthly magazine designed for the MEPs, called EP Today, published a comprehensive article titled Resilient, shaky Bosnia marks a year since EU application, written by an analyst Sanford Henry, an international Consultant on Transatlantic Trade, and Former Visiting Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the Grate Britain.

In the introductory part, Henry analyses how, in the past year, little has gone according to plan for the fragile country, stressing the encouraging fact that the Presidency of BiH  persisted in its efforts on the path to join the EU. He emphasizes the importance of youth employment, that is, a prevention of a brain drain, noting that some estimates put the unemployment rate in BiH at a whopping 44 percent, with two-thirds of young people without jobs and without hope for employment in coming the period.

- It’s also encouraging to see the BiH Government pushing economic reforms and integration within the country. Until now, the three ethnic groups in the country have essentially dealt among themselves, which has stalled progress and stymied innovation and investments. But a recent tie-up between Aluminij, an aluminium producer in the Croat-majority southern city of Mostar, and JP Elektroprivreda, an electricity supplier from Bosniak-dominated Sarajevo, augurs well for breaking down economic barriers within BiH – Henry stressed this business breakthrough of Aluminij d.d. Mostar as a positive example of change for the better in BiH, anticipating that such developments could lure foreign investors.

- Indeed, the Aluminij-Elektroprivreda partnership is perhaps the stand-out in a year otherwise marked by frustrations and setbacks for BiH. But it shows the country’s great potential and it shows why Brussels, despite it’s myriad distractions, ignores BiH at its peril.  The hopes and aspirations of all Bosnians who gravitate towards the EU need to be rewarded, before it’s too late - clearly stated this worldly renowned expert, the  former Managing Director of Edmond de Rothschild Group and Manager of the Lazard Freres Foundation, and now a partner in the advisory firm Dr. Schwartz-Schilling & Partners.

CEO of Aluminij Mario Gadžić and the President of the Supervisory Board Dalibor Miloš did not hide their positive experience of this public recognition for Aluminij by a such highly positioned place such as it is the centre of European political power. They reminded of the fact that, for a reason, a business relationship with Elektroprivreda BiH was marked in public as a historical one, but also of the fact that this partnership happened only after consensus and full support of the leading people of all ruling parties in the Federation BiH, which puts special weight on the entire story, which is now recognized in the European Parliament as well.

EP Today is designed only for the MEPs to write article about issues which they think are currently important and need attention of all their colleagues. It is distributed in more than 12,000 copies to all Members of the European Parliament, as well as the diplomatic community in Brussels (Belgium), Ottawa (Canada), New York and Washington (USA), New Delhi (India) and Geneva (Switzerland).

Aluminij Mostar
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