Support of the German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) to Aluminij's vision of the development of B&H

Aluminij Mostar

Leading managers of the German Chamber of Commerce in B&H (AHK B&H), who, with the extended hand of the German Foreign Trade Chamber, accompanied by the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce of Mostar, had an official visit to Aluminij d.d. Mostar, which recently became a member of the Economic Association of AHK, under the name Wirtschaftsverein. Director of Aluminium Mario Gadžić, Executive Director for Technical Affairs and Development Boris Vican, Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Department Darko Juka and Marketing Associate Miljenko Buhač, hosted delegation led by Deputy Director of AHK B&H Martin Gaber, President of Chamber of Commerce of Mostar Vjenceslav Leko and his colleagues from the GKM Managing Board Damir Vidačak, Anel Demić and Jakov Sopta, accompanied by several expert associates.

This was an introductory meeting, during which Mr. Gadžić informed the guests about the current moment of Aluminij, pointing out that there has been a change of indicators in the Company's business in the last year, with the intention of continuing to stabilize the entire business and, above all, current extensive restructuring. A special emphasis was placed on Aluminij's strategic determination to find a foreign partner for investment in the higher levels of processing Mostar’s metal, with the aim of permanent changes in trends in the export of products of higher level of processing instead of sole sales of scrap metal.

- Aluminij, currently, sees great potential on the German market, especially considering the last contacts we have made with the German aluminium giant Trimet and one of the largest European car rims manufacturers Borbet, said Gadžić, with the full approval of Martin Gaber, who offered the AHK B&H assistance to strengthen the existing and to create new bonds of Herzegovinian giant with German businessmen.

- The entire economy of B&H is facing serious challenges, especially because of the unfortunate business environment, despite which the businessmen are still achieving remarkable successes. I consider turning to the Western European market and connecting with serious investors from those areas as the right path and I welcome your business strategy, meaning the vision of the future of this area you have shown – said Gaber and Leko, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, also complimented the words of thanks that Aluminij sees GKM as a partner that, he said, will continue to invest the greatest effort to jointly improve the overall economic environment in this area.

Otherwise, AHK B&H is the largest network of economic entities in Europe, it has excellent contacts with almost all world companies, financial, technology and scientific research institutions, but also with the German government and through government channels, with all other major economic alliances in the world also.

- AHK B&H closely follows Aluminij's work and business ventures, which last indicators are very favourable. Your influence on the overall life of B&H is almost impossible to fully assess and you have our full support in networking with the German market, as well as in all other available forms of cooperation - concluded Gaber.

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