Aluminij is convincingly the largest Bosnian-Herzegovinian exporter in 2017 as well

Aluminij Mostar

According to the official statistics of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aluminij d.d. Mostar, in 2017, convincingly remained the first in the field of state exports, achieving 358,225,962 KM of export value. Although, in the Bosnia and Herzegovina's Export Table, Aluminij d.d. is in the fourth place, the first three places are occupied by affiliate groups (seats, electricity and wood), while the only Bosnian-Herzegovinian based producer of primary aluminum is the largest individual exporter, which has been a legitimate status for years.

In other words, total exports of goods in B&H amounted to 11,384,774,382 KM last year, while the first 20 exporters realized KM of exports, which represents 46.34% of the total annual export for the previous year. Aluminij is in the first place, as an individual exporter.

Let’s recall, Mostar’s factory sells four semi-products in the global market, including billets, slabs, small ingots and wire. Most of its products leave Bosnia and Herzegovina via the railway route to Port of Ploče (CRO), wherefrom ships reach many European and world countries, thus maintaining a network of business associates that connect Bosnia and Herzegovina to numerous parts of the world.

Aluminij Mostar
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