Situation in Aluminij is under control, focus is on stabilisation of business

Aluminij Mostar

Newly appointed Acting Director of the Managing Board of the Aluminij d.d. Mostar Dražen Pandža and Acting Executive Director for Technical Affairs and Development Boris Vican, are working intensively to stabilize the overall state of Aluminij, focusing on maintaining maximum operational efficiency in the manufacturing process, eliminating the disturbances that has escalated among workers, repairing a disrupted relationship with a trade union organization, as well as recuperating endangered factory's reputation among business partners.

-  Immediately after appointment to this duty, I have publicly stated that the situation in Aluminij is not dramatically and I stand, responsibly, behind this statement. We continue to work and produce, guaranteeing our customers the orderly delivery of contracted metal quantities, and our suppliers continuation of the settlement of the obligation with the intensity we can bear at this time. This Management Board will maximize the available human and intellectual capacities to maintain the manufacturing process and resolve the accumulated obligations, to stabilize the financial flows and to overcome the problem of the Company's illiquidity - said Pandža.

He used the opportunity to thank all Aluminij’s partners for their understanding and patience at this time when the Company needs to calm the tensions and repair the broken relationships, to which the Company is now devoted.

-  The last events have disturbed a hard-to-build trust in some of our business associates and I cannot blame them for that, but I can do my best to make sure that the situation is under control and that we can continue to fill in our current commitments. We are faced with a series of problems, from unfavourable stock indexes, where in the first place is the prices of electricity and other raw materials, to the realized loss. But we have room, strength and will, and above all, a clear strategy to overcome these problems – was an encouraging message from the director Pandža.

Aluminij Mostar
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