The Government of the FBiH must immediately request suspension of the measures towards Aluminij

Aluminij Mostar

After yesterday's extraordinary press conference, where the management of Aluminij d.d. Mostar, publicly declared the announcement of the Independent System Operator (NOS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina of shutting down Aluminij from the power network tomorrow at midnight, some members of the current Government of FBiH also manifested, announcing the Government session on Friday.

- Aluminij cannot wait till Friday. The announcement from ISO BiH for shutting down off the power grid is still standing. We appeal to the FBiH Government that, by the end of tomorrow, responds to the IOS and explicitly asks for the suspension of the shutdown, but also to act in the direction of finding solutions for the supply of electricity for Aluminij, with the necessary guarantees of payment – said Acting Director of Alumininij, Dražen Pandža.

Once more, the abrupt disconnection of Aluminij from the grid would mean complete damage, the "freezing" of liquid aluminum in the electrolytic cells, the possibility of powerful explosions and the endangered safety of workers in the manufacturing process. Restarting only one cell, that was shot down by plan, requires more than 90,000 euros in cash. Aluminij has 256 electrolytic cells, and this shutdown would be an off-the-shelf, out of the system and the current metal would be trapped in them, so restarting the factory would exceed one billion BAM. In the translation, this would be the end of Aluminij.

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