Quality Management

Aluminij Mostar

Among the first companies in the country, at the end of 1998, Aluminij was awarded the Certificate of Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001, and since then it has successfully been recertified on several occasions by the international companies in charge of implementation monitoring of the commitments required by the certificate holders. In accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001, the quality management system must be constantly observed and it is necessary to supervise the work of the entire system, which means good networking within the company departments and constant measuring, monitoring and analysis of indicators.

Also, at the end of 2003, we established an effective Environmental Management System in accordance with the provisions of the international standard ISO 14001, which has also been successfully recertified several times. Within this system, we are committed to ongoing work on protection of environment, and we have already invested tens of millions of Euro for this purpose. The importance of this certification lies in the fact that it confirms the successful implementation of the EMS in dirty industry of the process form (continuous operations during all days of the year) that annually deals with hundreds of thousands of tons of various commodities, the industry that consumes 225 MW of electricity a year with extremely high operating temperatures, which leads to the formation of large amounts of exhaust gases and dust.

With introduction of ISO Systems, Aluminij is committed to continuous improvement of the quality and the environmental conditions, as well as satisfying buyers and other interested parties, compliance with legal provisions, helping the development of our and neighbouring areas, and health and safety of all its employees, business associates and visitors.

Aluminij is one of the few companies in the state, which holds both mentioned certificates, but there is also in preparation introduction of ISO 18001 System related to the safety and health of employees. In addition to that, there is a plan for introduction of some more systematic approaches to management, such as the information management system, energy management system, risk management system, financial management system...