Aluminij’s 6XXX series billets are produced by semi-continuous vertical casting using Wagstaff technology – Air Slip, and are intended to be further extruded into profiles, bars and tubes of different shapes and applications.
Wagstaff billet casting systems are the foundation of our high-quality billet production. The options are virtually endless, with diameters available from 178 to 254 mm and strand counts from 36 to 68 billets per drop.  Hundreds of alloy compositions have been proven on Wagstaff casting systems and the limits are continually stretched with new common and aerospace alloy development taking place in Wagstaff’s production-scale R&D cast house laboratory. The Wagstaff Air Slip Air Casting Technology produces the highest quality billets, known for their smooth surface finish, small shell zone and uniform – grain structure – the world standard for billet quality.
The Air Slip process uses an optimized mold length, faster casting speed, individual water jets and a unique air-cushion to minimize heat extraction through the mold and enhance secondary cooling. The direct chill casting process extracts heat through two mechanisms: first through the mold wall as the molten metal contacts it, and secondly through direct contact (or “direct chill”) with a specifically designed water pattern as the semi-solidified billet exits the mold. 
Very little mold cooling occurs with Air Slip mold technology, leaving the majority of the heat extraction to direct water quench. This leads to a shallow sump and a very thin-shelled, uniform-grained billet with excellent surface smoothness and high pit recoveries for casters.
Billets can also be used for production of electrical conductors. Maximum casting length of billet is 7 meters with diameters as shown in the table below. Materials from which they are casted include wrought alloys, with chemical composition prescribed by international standards. When ordering it is necessary to indicate billet diameter, cutting length and alloy type by referring to some of the valid standards. Billets can be tied with plastic or steel bands. Our billets are delivered in the homogenized state, cut to length of 7 meters, on wooden pallets firmly tied with steel bands.   


Diameter        178      203      228      254   (mm)
Weight           67.2     87.3       110       137   (kg/m)